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Want to build your strength and technique on the wall? Join Climbing 101 or book one of our experienced Rocksport Instructors for a Climbing Instruction! Whether its your first time climbing or you want to train 1:1, 1:2 or in a small group, your instructor will help you reach your goals all while having a blast!

Photo of Climbing 101

Climbing 101

$55 Total

Learn the skills needed to start rope climbing! This course provides a comprehensive introduction to top rope climbing including how to secure a harness, tie in as a climber, and complete the proper system checks. You will also learn how to belay (manage the rope in order to keep the climber safe), catch a fall, and lower a climber back to the ground. After the class, continue to practice your skills all day and test out for belaying on your next visit!

*Includes Day Pass and Rentals

**All Participants Must be 14 years or older


1:1 Climbing Coach

$50 Total

Take your climbing abilities to the next level with a 1:1 Climbing Coach at Rocksport! This is a two-hour session with one of our experienced instructors working closely with you to identify and execute your individualized goals. Your coach will help you become the strongest climber you can be!

*Includes Day Pass and Rentals

Photo of belayer and climber

1:2 Climbing Instruction

$50 Each

Choose the perfect date or weekend plans with 1:2 Climbing Instruction at the gym! This is a two-hour session with one of our experienced instructors teaching you technique and helping you become a confident climber!

*Includes Day Pass and Rentals


Group Climbing Instruction

$35 Each

Want to try something new with your friends? Get in a session with guidance from our experienced Rocksport instructors! Group Climbing Instruction is for 3-6 climbers - each session is two hours long, and allows enough time to warm-up, learn and apply your new skills!

*Includes Day Pass and Rentals

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