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Groups are an extracurricular category separate from technical instruction -  for Personal Training & Instruction, click HERE

Rocksport offers  stand-alone experiences and progressive programs for any group. Rocksport can also provide physical education programs for home-schooled students. Choose the group you'd like to join and sign up/ book your own today!


Book a School Group

Prices in Booking

Bring in a group of students for a day of climbing fun! Two hours of climbing and building friendships outside of school. All gear included up to 20 climbers! 

*For extra activities, add the Challenge Package! (details in booking)


Book Your Own Group!

Prices in Booking


Beginner or experienced, hire a Rocksport staff member to help belay and assist while you crush with your coworkers, classmates, friends, or family!

*For extra activities, add the Challenge Package! (details in booking)

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